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The Story

Director's Statement

DISMISSAL TIME is a story based on a real-life situation that happened to me when I was one of the few students of color in my freshman class at a Catholic high school in Staten Island, NY.

While attending school I was targeted and bullied. My emotional trauma became unbearable as the school administration downplayed the bullying that I experienced in order to avoid controversy and to protect their prestigious reputation from public scrutiny.

DISMISSAL TIME is a mission-driven film with a strong societal message. I believe by sharing my story it will raise awareness on subject matters surrounding bullying and racism.

Sometimes it takes just one good teacher to recognize a student’s struggles, stand up and do the right thing. That teacher for me, was my history teacher. Sharon Vance, the main character in the story is based on a number of my real-life teachers who risked their jobs for me when others wanted me sent away.

I dedicate this story to my teachers and any young student of color who is dealing with bullying as a result of racism. I encourage all bystanders to have a voice and find the courage, as the character of Sharon Vance does in this story, to stand up and speak out.

DISMISSAL TIME - Director/Producer, André Joseph

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